Partnership organization, Austria

Berufsforderungsinstitut Oberösterreich is a leader in the field of further education and specialized education in Upper Austria.

Continuous learning is one of the best investments and contributes to the protection against losing a job even in a globalized society. Therefore, the BFI OÖ adjusts its offer according to the constantly changing conditions and requirements of the labor market, to vocational training.

BFI OÖ is the market leader in the provision of possibilities of re-entry to the labor market, second education opportunities, specialized education and continuing education. It provides the integrated range of education and specialized training of various qualification levels, including university degrees, for different target groups.

Number of courses: 5000
Turnover: EUR 54 mil
Number of employees: 1385 (including 1230 lecturers/trainers)
Number of course applicants: 51,000
Coverage: 5 regions with 45 cities