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Slovak-Austrian-German-Alliance for Vocational Education and Training

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Start of the Project

September 01, 2015

End of the Project

September 01, 2017

Official Name of the Project Applicant                                                                                

Newport Group, a.s.


Project Introduction

A society-wide discussion in the field of the specialized education and labor market training reflects the unfavorable situation in the Slovak labor market. There, on the one hand, the Slovak Republic struggles with the high unemployment of youth (34%) and on the other hand, the Slovak specialized education before the system conversion is not able to teach labor in required fields of study, amounts and quality. Our project brings widely oriented solutions for small and medium enterprises independent from the system conversion of specialized education in Slovakia. In the short-term, they are able to bring solutions corresponding to actual labor market needs, which is already evident in choosing the activities and partners of the project consortium. Since specialized education reform brings the first results within 3 – 4 years, our project assists to overcome this period through accredited specialized education according to the Act No. 568/2009 Coll. on lifelong learning. This also assists improving the labor market situation by retraining a critical target group of job applicants and demonstrates the effectiveness of solutions tested in pilot operation.